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Property and Business Management Consultancy

Own Business Express is a consulting and management firm. We are here because we decided to grow and scale our own business success by:

  • Helping special (to us) with getting things done.

  • Encouraging cash and wealth through property UK

  • Serving as credible advisers you can trust.


We are working on successful strategies that worked for our own businesses and rubbed off very well on those who chose to work with Gabriel Topman

There is going to be more to the task strategy and route to effectiveness and sustainability than any responsible and effective business consultant and strategy manager will be happy to share but what is already ours is not going anywhere unless we neglect it or God wills for it to move on away from us.

Own Business Express supports business owners who care to take the roads less stupid and manage risks.

Led by Gabriel Topman, Own Business Express is an agency, a strategic business unit under the trading style of Forward Outlook Limited.

Values we care for and help:

  • Cashflow and legal settings.
  • Being felt by website visitors.
  • ROI focussed advertising.
  • Sustainable result driving strategies

There are so many critical paths to our own business results and success. We believe that going alone will eventually lead to:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Opportunity losses
  • Isolation with own business
  • Skills gaps that lead to valid excuses or failure.

Notice: To protect our customers from fraud we will never ask you to pay over the phone or expect you to take action until the end of your first session.

Some of our work

There is a story behind every logo. Some are great stuff and some of them helped us to know which types of clients or business associates to let go of quickly.

True Stories

"Barzan gets guaranteed payment and gets paid on time and as quickly as he wants it."

"Babs gets paid by standing order whether there is a tenant in his Investment property or not."

"Samuel discovered the benefits of SEO with £100,000 increase in leads that came through SEO."

"Sami made life-transforming decisions regarding websites and SEO."

"Mr Shino enjoys a web presence when he wouldn't know where to start up."

"Paul enjoys the dream of owning a business and knowing how to startup strong and small."

"Moses like many others were given the chance to make money and he did".

"Shared understanding of money helped Mr Samson to avoid missing out. on life-changing money.

"Bishop Samuel manifested a future-proofed e-business strategy that's working."

Pays for itself

While we don't start opening up and giving all to people that have not committed themselves to the results we want. The strategies we support tend to pay for themselves, and they connect you to:

  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • E-business developers
  • Solo Agents into real estate.

When you add the cost of travelling back and forth or learning the hard way, you will find that consultants that take action with or for you are worth it.

We work with committed and specialized professionals we can trust. Like accountants that manage payouts, sales agents and senior agents that are proven to deliver.

Clear ownership strategies that cannot be tampered with: Like blockchain technologies and legally sound processes will satisfy proof of your ownership and achievements. 

One to one coaching process

Bubbles represent assets, projects, viable business ideas, offers, teams and anything important to the paying client.

Value Driving

You will do your part, and we will make time to look at your work and take time to think carefully before giving feedback or making suggestions.

The benefits of taking/discussing

Everything that affects us today started with talks, discussions and decisions that were acted on by someone or people.

  • Confirmation if you already know.
  • Support if you make room for it.
  • Appreciation because we don't serve 100s.
  • Cooperation with legally appropriate things.
  • Interest in understanding your deepest why?
  • Reliable steps that secure our mutual interests. Like Scheduled thinking, checking, reporting, and appraisals go both ways, not one way.

Investment property owners: Get guaranteed rental income from Forward Outlook Ltd as their responsible tenant.

High ticket solutions:  Get sales, marketing, compliance and some management help from approved consultants.

Private Equity offers: Get a heavy discount on our support service as advisers and field agents. SEO, Webdesign and more.

Topics treated by Gabriel Topman.

Subscribed clients get to read and listen to Gabriel Topman's perspective on these topics, and then they get a forward-moving 1:1 session.

Rolex Watches for Sale: Save up to 55% on watch replica authentic Rolex wristwatches.