10 Figures: Manifesting 1.3 billion GDP value and honoring it

The honest truth is that when this goal has been achieved, I will only end up setting the goal post to the next level and then to the next level and then to the next level.

Telling people exactly where we are in the goal or even telling them what we have done to manifest and then sustain it would be making things way too easy for lazy, dishonest, rogue, parasite-like and less capable individuals.

Gabriel Topman

If we disclose our assets, contracts, deals and you know how to do reasonable research then you will see how real that value is. But why should we disclose such private things to anyone not committed to Forward Outlook Ltd?

For contributors that get paid and looked after as a result of their cooperation

Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate you very much and life experience has shown us that without your contribution and cooperation we would have spent our time fighting for our rights or doing sustainable (for us).

Gabriel Topman

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