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Want to move forward and accelerate your business progress with the right coaching programme?

Make money with platforms (websites, houses and venues).

Get an experienced and successful consultant to offer input.

Save time and money by learning from our experience.

Learn on the job by paying us to work with you in person.

Short and rolling contracts have their benefits.

Long term settings can have freedom built into them.

Earn it.

Our Commitments

Support deals in the location or region that happens to host/house your interest.

Babs is an excellent example of loyalty and trust. He saved money on transport by paying us to check on his property and report what we saw. Then involved us in the process - accepting our freedom for all approach.

Support with the digital assets we will know as your websites/platforms.

Gabriel Topman invested in himself by investing in several coaching and training programs. He is always looking for the right one. He earned the benefits of practice before deciding to support others.

Cashflow growing strategies that can be implemented within 5 weeks when you have us on your side.

Because changes happen, whether we like it or not, the cost of supporting you and your requirements may change.  It will help to know that we put certainty in uncertainty and are very proactive.

Hands-on leadership that keeps the wheel of fortune moving and pays you prontly.

When we do it for you, you don't own the outcome until you have paid for the output. This programme is the cheapest way to manifest the value without paying five figures or losing absolute control.

What Qualifies Us?

The story behind our success and why e-business mastery became starting point

Before 2020 Global lockdown

90% of our business activities could be done in the spare room, and the most meaningful value we delivered in our career required going to different locations or simply working remotely.

That is why Gabriel Topman has been working from home and going to the project sites/venue with due diligence since 2005. That is despite the fact that he paid for office spaces and workspaces for his business operation and felt comfortable meeting service providers at their home address if that is the setting they chose.


Award-winning e-business practitioner Gabriel Topman and other experienced and successful entrepreneurs with verified and trusted track records have decided to support by:

  • Delivering this programme.
  • Cross-checking and offering input.
  • Safeguarding your best interest.

If and when necessary, we will help by getting hands-on. But, it will not be a full-time arrangement. Any hands-on help will not replace specialized service providers that are better suited to building on the solid foundations and reliable circumstances that this programme is already manifesting for our clients.

Businesses that worked

Benefits we gained


Talks about mindset
Putting money to work
Talks about cashflow

Fast-tracking support

By fast-tracking, we mean accelerated (with reasonable speed). The videos above are how we clear the jargon out there.

What you heard/observed from watching the videos featured above will undoubtedly speed up the journey if thought business success and survival was more complicated than the two major points mentioned in the first video.

In the first video, Gabriel Topman demonstrated what he meant by dancing, talking, and offering physical evidence of what his presentation venue would have looked like before it was transformed.

Although simplified, these are advanced strategies that work for most industries and even personal adventures. Those strategies are not just about bringing in new sales (though they do); they are about accelerating the task of laying that solid foundation so that you can start having the results you want.

Image of Gabriel Topman

Trust Forward Outlook Ltd

Structures, settings, setups and quality results can be verified by those we accept.

True success stories

We all did what we had to do and divorced our excuses. But thinking you can predict our strategic response will assume you have all the answers when we proactively learn and don't even know the answer until we believe in it.

Housing made sense during lockdown (so we did it)

SEO worked better than Ads for us so we did what we can

Some ads work better so we kept them

To survive and avoid problems, we put our limiting believes in check by choosing to ignore what some people think about others based on their own privileged circumstances/ignorance!

Nobody likes nasty surprises.

Safety is vital in business, and it is as fragile as understanding, interest and forward-moving mindset. For that reason, our service may be suspended from those whose actions or patterns contradict these core values:

Be Reliable
Be Honest/Authentic
Respect time/resources

About the programme

It started in East London with the intention of small group activities and one-to-one sessions. Some outbound and inbound services were ready to be rendered until COVID19 forced us to repossition ourself for the unknown and the known facts.


Picture of Gabriel Bamise Topman's and his setup before before COVID19

Programme schedule

This programme schedule will be Monday to Thursday. Clients will manifest or improve a website that deserves search engine ranking. And get help or deals that support the type of projects and investments that wealth and result creators tend to have alongside their primary profession.

Our Programes are scheduled on 1st come 1st serve basis and scheduled on sprints.

  • You can covers the entire models in 3 weeks
  • It includes four 1:1 sessions per week.
  • We check in to see how things have evolved

This option is designed to make your travel arrangements easy, productive and allows people to treat it like the work that it is.

Phase 1: Good Understanding

  • Free reality check
  • Free sales script check
  • Keywords checks
  • Social topic checks

Phase 2: Effective Preparations

  • Strategic positioning
  • Marketing mix check
  • Compliance strategy
  • Connecting with those who will stop looking because they feel your own business is the one they prefer and trust more than any other.

Phase 3: Effective Delivery

  • Platforms (Websites, clubs, profiles)
  • Attracting healthy attention.
  • Managing risks and constraints.
  • Building on the success.

Managing and retaining success

Everything great or just felt has to start from somewhere.

Why not start with authentic talks and actions that demonstarte your ability to appreciate or recorgnize this value proposition?

Action speaks louder than words

We believe our call to action should serve as a filter so that action will qualify our clients and our results will retain them. If you deserve us and we deserve you then something will move forward.