Advisory Board Services

We are here because we feel qualified by life, business, social and industry experience. We also have a forward-moving approach that has delivered consistent results.

Facts about us

Gabriel Topman and trusted associates are far too committed with their skin in the game to risk our reputation for stupid reasons.

We take confidentiality very seriously.

Crucial conversations lead to progress.

Actions and results are our speed of trust.

In your best interest

All consultancy roles, particularly advisory boards, are meant to be in your interest and focused on the goals/objectives.

Because we love progress, our advice tends to focus on sustainable growth.

If the future is promising, why wouldn't we put our skin in the game?

Look after us well enough and long enough and these friendly knights will fight for your interest.

Industry experience does not hold us back, and here is proof.

When the incentive to learn and evolve becomes clear and highly probable. Gabriel Topman starts several sprints. Those short sprints are so strategic and far from passive that:

  • It makes us troublesome in times of conflict
  • Understanding and discernment at pace.
  • Highly effective when the universe allows.
  • Ready for sustainable steps based on accurate knowledge.