Being lucky and earning chances in life and business

I feel lucky, blessed and grateful each time I make money, look around me, see my children, have sex with my beautiful woman, see my company doing alright, see it doing better, see people who can help us do even better and I witness anything positive/meaningful that could not have manifested without the decision of someone else connecting with my own decision.

List of ways I earn my luck

Please note that the list bellow is not a proud statement to show I am a good guy. In fact risk taking and managing can be frouned uppon and judged by others. Also there are things I do and must prioritize for the sake of avoiding the pain of not growing, learning or doing that the average person that is not addicted to growth will see as too much, too far or not easy when easy would have been their first impression when there are is nothing at stakes!

  1. Being grateful and having quality/meaningful things to be greatfulful for makes me feel lucky
  2. Risk taking and management is a fact I cannot deny
  3. Being friendly and approachable is a fact I cannot denny
  4. Forward moving and looking is a fact I cannot deny
  5. Giving – I love giving whatever I can afford and I still do (But I don’t want to bless parasites).
  6. Sharing – Sharing is less expensive than giving because no sacrifice/greed in that.
  7. Learning – oh learning, this is so joyful its my guilty, selfish desire tamed with focuss and respect
  8. Action – the fact is that the right types of action leads to learning, confirming or validating outcomes.
  9. Thinking time – oh thinking time, how much more beutiful does it get when the spiritual real opens for me.
  10. Dicerning quickly – well this area is expensive because I want to see the best in most people so patterns required
  11. Credit limits – Everyone, absolutely anyone I don’t have a problem with has a line of interest free credit (I’m not a bank).

This website is one of the ways I made my own luck and the videos that show me talking and doing are part of the ways I make my own luck. Other ways I made my own luck included listening to the Billionaire in GDP, USD and God know what he is worth in Nigerian money.

Gabriel Topman

The fact that rogues should not be able to steal my identity or gain access to my account easily is one of the ways I protect my luck, results and resources. But that’s enough about me (Gabriel Topman).

Let’s make something great and sustainable happen for you.

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