Business Parasites (How To…)

Parasite is anyone or thing that attaches itself to your business or you but regrets any good it does as it was accidental or just a means to an end.

Gabriel Topman

In business of all sizes, humans behavior, choices and mindset is usually the hardest thing to change. Therefore the parasite is the person that his/her actions betray their words, or worse their words and actions misrepresents the truth, tarnishes your good work and justifies all the negative work/neglegence with motives and excuses that is usually unreasonable to a sensible person but totally sound when considered by those who are affected or like minded.

What can be done with our business coaching/consultancy services

  • – Avoid being at the mercy of parasites
  • – Avoid loosing your joy to smart parasites
  • – Know what parasites look like
  • – Figure out how to rid yourself out parasites

Those who consider the above list as nonsense to are either naive, inexperienced or a form of the actual parasite (or a potential parasite). And sorry about the rude and negative definition that some people might consider unfair.

What is really unfair is the cost to the economy, community, good entrepreneurs and the committed people that lose because the parasites in their forms have not chosen to be anything else but exactly that.

Because I grew up and survived the effects of being at the mercy of different types of parasites. I am able and qualified by the experience because God allowed me to live when I would have died without the grace of God.

Gabriel Topman

I can acknowledge that the UK Government (not the police department) for doing a good enough job. Without their Casino/Educational system, someone like me would have either destroyed myself by putting the law in my own hand because the law will not deal with the matter fairly or found myself dead without accountability because the law simply failed in its duties of care like many countries fail.

Gabriel Topman

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