Client On-Boarding: Starting Point

We want you to appreciate us, and we have a fair strategy that works.

Your input is required

Please tell us upfront what will make this a great or fairly productive investment for you, your own business and everyone affected/invested?

  • Three months
  • Six months
  • Twelve months

You have one week to prepare the answers to the questions above

Expect quality feedback and outcomes

After careful considerations from the senior consultant who decided to work with you, your answers will be reviewed and discussed.

Usually, Gabriel Topman would be the primary consultant unless you are into retail, engineering, finance or any other specialised and regulated industry.

  • The 1st call will happen within a week.
  • We cannot proceed to the next step until this one, in particular, is adequately completed.

Please Use google docs or all files to your drive, and you can share it with us when you want our contribution/comments.

Service level agreement

Support and consultancy mean we help those who make an effort and cooperate fully. That makes you more responsible for your success than the organisations and representatives have chosen to support you because you are committed enough to prove serious and sensible.

  • Confidentiality goes both ways.
  • Talks will be direct, sometimes blunt.
  • Failure to put in the effort will lead to hard talks.