Coaching and Supporting Investors Into Housing.

Controls and Consistent Results.

Secured wealth and cashflow throw housing in the UK

News: Gabriel Topman is transforming empty houses like the picture below (or something better) into functional and dignified money-making assets.


What will happen

Guaranteed results and progress

Effective | Profitable | Safe

Mindsets, presence, personalities, and control are the keys to success, and those things can be influenced by a coordinator or agent. Because Gabriel Topman is that commercial agent with a solid track record you can trust and hold accountable, learning from him is easier than actually getting a support deal.

Story continued

Because we did it for our own business interests (x7) and experienced the pain points (1st hand, not theoretically). We feel qualified and better positioned to offer other investors the peace of mind they can deserve by letting us make money off the back of guaranteeing the results.

Results like 300% value growth, getting paid by us on time and letting us manage the PESTLE challenges specifically related to the areas we cover.

Get cashflow from housing

Easy paths supported

The alternative is to go for new builds like this and let someone look after it for you.

Strategy | Guarantee

300% growth will heavily depend on activities that we choose to drive and make happen in those locations. So it will not be as quick as solving problems like one or two houses or an entire block that is holding back the whole community.

Terms of service

It's this way or the highway as far as any business we do is concern:

  • No noise or jargons
  • No time wasting
  • No competition
  • No betrayals
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Opportunities that follow:

Scrap houses hold back their community appeal, especially when there is only a few and the area has moved past its trouble past. When resolved here are the opportunities that we explore in areas worth visiting and adding value in:

  • Business school in Hartlepool
  • More lifestyle businesses and diversity
  • Housing (right now)
  • Training and coaching (right now)