Ideal Client

Dear Entrepreneur/Investor

We pay investors and entrepreneurs after they have paid us to help them achieve the quality standard we will not compromise on (97% or better). Those who impose their mediocre ways and don’t respect other people’s freedom are filtered.

Ideal client

Direction | Activities

Quality people are grateful people, and they are so far from selfish that they deserve quality associates or support bubbles.  If they also happen to be genuinely going in the same direction as us, then all they need to do is let their actions and choices qualify them.

The physical and face-to-face presence.

The ideal client would already know/accept that location challenges differentiate the growth from stagnating. They know that responding and managing risks or changes is vital for continuity.

Deals and value justify continuity.

Meaningful money/goals drive those who accept the purpose associated with the activity/task. Deals enable agents like Gabriel Topman to find motivation and see the bigger picture.

Want the freedom to scale/grow?

We strongly believe that laws and strategies exist to enable and influence outcomes. Our coaching programme is so strategic it is informal and packaged in ways only long term clients trade appreciate.

Maslow's hierachy of needs


By working with Agents like Gabriel Topman, who is a coaching leader, they would be achieving the following:

  • Consistency and congruence
  • Stunchest alliance or representation
  • Someone that knows what they are doing.
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