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Coaching And Support Plan

This helped our family business achieve guaranteed rent, 300% growth, better cash flow, relative freedom, lifestyle, and sustainable work-life balance.

Qualified by achievements anyone can be proud of: we managed to turn terrible situations into more positives than average and repeat the success without exposing ourselves to the root cause of failure.

Several people have failed or experienced major setbacks/delays because they were overwhelmed with noise (wrong advice and time-wasting strategies). So we decided to help those who want a long term business relationship with us and treat us well enough to keep us interested.

Fear of failure met management action

Gabriel Topman wanted to put certainty in uncertainty, and so did his clients, JV partners and staunchest allies.

  • Hints from PM Boris Johnson didn't go unnoticed.
  • Careful considerations and know-how were vital.
The Challenge we faced

So our why started as survival with a mortgage-free space in London. But the challenges and risks were so high that the grace of God manifested in our favour even though we considered the situation as an absolute failure!

Maintaining a dignified lifestyle had costs that would have led to total failure if the leader (Gabriel Topman) assumed everything would go back to normal quickly.

  • So he decided to be strategic.
  • He made some bold proposals.
  • Managed the problems that emerged.
Decisions and outcome

After crying over failure to win desired flat in East London (zone 3) and feeling failed by prayer, Gabriel decided to accept the possibility of being anywhere in England as advised by his financial adviser.

  • Proactive action continued with a focus.
  • Areas were explored and scouted.
  • Emergent strategies were actioned with observation.
  • Challenges were dealt with.
  • Success was replicated more deliberately and efficiently.

So, we achieved the following:

  • Tripled the value of money borrowed.
  • Stuck with the lowest risk strategy.
  • Transformed houses and tenanted them within five weeks (x3).
  • Gained understanding and influence in some areas.

We decided not to be complaisant and rusty in life and business, and we re-started focussing on the right-now platform that is already proven, time tested and working for us, our clients and the staunchest allies we pay consistently and look after for obvious reasons.

Maslow's hierachy of needs
Imgae of growth charts
Image of Gabriel Topman

Programme schedule

This programme schedule will be Monday to Thursday. Clients will manifest or improve a website that deserves search engine ranking. And get help or deals that support the type of projects and investments that wealth and result creators tend to have alongside their primary profession.

Phase 1: Understanding you

  • Your motive
  • Budgeting
  • Getting started
  • Legal compliance

Phase 2: Effective Delivery

  • Managing risks and constraints.
  • Building on the success.
  • More compliance and safeguarding.
  • Retaining success without compromising the win-win-win principles we take very seriously.
Housing Actioned With Serena Organtini
Housing Actioned With Gabriel Topman

Learn how to get guaranteed rent and maintain freedom without fear of loss.

This programme will support you through the journey if it is doesn't come naturally to you, or you happen to find the travel time too tedious or lacking the volume/leverages we have achieved in some areas.


New builds are supported

To avoid getting stuck in a stagnant, or roller coaster situation, it is recommended that investors establish a relationship with our Agents by attending our programmes even if you already have it figured out.