ROI focussed marketing

Sensible people tend to share what is working or has worked for them for different reasons

1. To gain trust/confidence (which may work or not)

2. To make people feel safe (might work)

3. Because the person has paid good money for good advice

4. Because its in their best interest to get the audience started in the same direction

5. In order to sell a support service, product, software or solution to an audience that will need to have a good understanding of how to get the most from that offer.

You will find that credible coaches/consultants are genuinely successful people with enough cash flow to pay their own way when the cost is reasonable and sustainable. Most of them will own a couple of houses/flats or buildings that generate money and shares in working businesses.

With some financial freedom and future-proofed success. These people have less to lose by sharing useful information and they can keep secrets when it is clear that that is the appropriate/legally compliant way forward.

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