Success Stories

True stories | Case Studies


We started with a portfolio of businesses and included properties like these ones or better.

Transformed three scrap houses in one year (July 2020 to June 2021), sold one (making four) without paying the owner from our own companies pocket.

Gabriel, who drove everything, still delivered high-quality website design, living standards, relocation and coaching jobs.All with happy customers, this website is his new way of doing business with startups, investors and entrepreneurs we want to know, like and trust.replica watches uk co
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Dance Classes
Gingaboo Dance classes and festivals

Coaching Success 2017

I had an amazing afternoon with Mr Gabriel, we had our first conversation to find out what my business was about and find out ways that we can approach it. We tested different things and made my website look very clear and simple for the …


Jimmy Jack
Entrepreneur focused on web design and t-shirts

Coaching Success 2019

2 weeks later I made a decision to move forward with the option I believe in and Gabriel agreed to support if I polish my skills on it. As of today, I am building e-businesses that yield results like a website that is designed to rank 1st on Google search and capture the heart of target customers.

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Picture of Gabriel Bamise Topman's and his setup before before COVID19

Pastoral Training
Kindom Ministry Bible Training

Coaching Success 2020

So with a shoestring budget, we came up with a way to allow this Bibble school to teach people via zoom and provide member-only resources on their own business website.


Minibus Hire
Lead generating and affiliate deal

Side Hustle 2018-2020

Lessons were learned and some organic sales were generated with this broadly differentiated website.

Gabriel Topman went from from consulting to transport and then  housing and back to consulting and managing.

My Removals Ltd
Adapted to changes

Side Hustle 2008 to 2020

Gabriel helped this company connect with the customers who behaved in ways that made him and his team willing to move mountains. He turned it away from the roller coaster financial situation that came with many industries.

The global strategy failed!

Side Hustle 2014 to 2021

The global need for speed met creative ideas that people didn’t respond to in the targeted country. So we allowed grace to manifest the way forward and found what people understood and cared for.

What do all our success stories have in common?

The relationships we sustain have this characteristic

  • Cooperative or compliant mindset.
  • Responsible management/leadership.
  • Ability to see what fairness looks like.
  • No stereotypical views/insecurities.
  • Desire to get things done and pay for it.