Success Vs Growth - By Gabriel Topman

Owning my lifestyle success and then growing with it.

Here is a list of things that the so-called naive and unrealistic "Gabriel Topman embraced in order to grow from nothing to very grateful and wanting to give more to our universe:

Books, courses, webinars, seminars, networks.

Practice, thinking time, benchmarking and level-up.

Originality through delebrate differentiation.

Risk management without being crazy, selfish or hasty.

Reflection on all crucial conversations disguised in small talks

Gabriel Topma's photo

Nobody likes nasty surprises.

Safety is vital in business, and it is as fragile as understanding, interest and forward-moving mindset. For that reason, our service may be suspended from those whose actions or patterns contradict these core values:

Be Reliable
Be Honest/Authentic
Respect time/resources

Gabriel Topman's Story (Summarised by chapters)

He became SEO Website Designer whilst serving as a full time moving service provider UK wide.

1st place award in e-business planning happened because Gabriel Topman took time to consider a few facts about the situation he was in. He decided to be innovative about the way he went about delivering his advanced understanding of the business structure, value chain and strategy.

Financial growth happened for Gabriel Topman because he was willing to learn and build on things.

Although hard lessons were financially and morally expensive, they proved valuable as decisions were made with more conviction and discernment. Gabriel realised that he had to accept himself as a kind beast and be the Dragon that idiots will first criticise and then exploit for their own personal gain. Gabriel was tested and failed mostly by old family and friends.

Discernment stories.

This section may sound like Gabriel has a chip on his shoulder, but he doesn't. He forgets enough to have recovered 97% but never forgetting help. The good news is that people who are learning and improving can change for the better. Sustainable safeguards will require understanding. 

Gabriel Topman became landlord to many and achieved mortgage-free for strategic reasons.

By helping the right people, he was able to move the people he liked forward through the platforms that everyone needed (appropriate shelter). The strategic lesson we learned here is that grace puts God in control, and Gabriel Topman happen to be willing to help those who appreciate and respect his terms/will/interest.

Hands-on leadership that keeps the wheel of fortune moving and pays you prontly.

Jealousy (even unwarranted), covetousness (in the form of greed), Entitlement feeling (not with input or significant contribution) with a selfish twist are major people problems that Gabriel's inner circle do not have. Still, those he decided to stop bouncing off have manifested with patterns in their choices, words, resolve and outcomes they control.

What Qualifies Gabriel Topman?

Businesses Gabriel moved forward

Gabriel Topman's life

Before 2020 Global lockdown

Account customers can learn more about Gabriel Topman on this website GT Abounts about us. You can effectively see that page as a manifesto with a detailed explanation of the work Gabriel Topman did and why he did it that way (at that time).



Talks about mindset
Putting money to work
Talks about cashflow

Fast-tracking support

By fast-tracking, we mean accelerated (with reasonable speed). The videos above are how we clear the jargon out there.

What you heard/observed from watching the videos featured above will undoubtedly speed up the journey if thought business success and survival was more complicated than the two major points mentioned in the first video.

In the first video, Gabriel Topman demonstrated what he meant by dancing, talking, and offering physical evidence of what his presentation venue would have looked like before it was transformed.

Although simplified, these are advanced strategies that work for most industries and even personal adventures. Those strategies are not just about bringing in new sales (though they do); they are about accelerating the task of laying that solid foundation so that you can start having the results you want.

Image of Gabriel Topman

He offers an advisory and support programme for investors in housing and investors in lean, flexible and agile business models.

For strategic and most senior leaders, entrepreneurs or key people in control of big things. Gabriel Topman delivers the type of training, consulting, coaching, holding and management service that drives these bottom lines:


Reposition the broken business model.

Keep the stakeholders we want interested/happy.

Sustainably scale the working and great stuff.

Help your team understand your value to them.

Picture of Gabriel Bamise Topman's and his setup before before COVID19

Programme schedule

This programme schedule will be Monday to Thursday. Clients will manifest or improve a website that deserves search engine ranking. And get help or deals that support the type of projects and investments that wealth and result creators tend to have alongside their primary profession.

Our Programes are scheduled on 1st come 1st serve basis and scheduled on sprints.

  • You can covers the entire models in 3 weeks
  • It includes four 1:1 sessions per week.
  • We check in to see how things have evolved

This option is designed to make your travel arrangements easy, productive and allows people to treat it like the work that it is.

Phase 1: Good Understanding

  • Free reality check
  • Free sales script check
  • Keywords checks
  • Social topic checks

Phase 2: Effective Preparations

  • Strategic positioning
  • Marketing mix check
  • Compliance strategy
  • Connecting with those who will stop looking because they feel your own business is the one they prefer and trust more than any other.

Phase 3: Effective Delivery

  • Platforms (Websites, clubs, profiles)
  • Attracting healthy attention.
  • Managing risks and constraints.
  • Building on the success.

Managing and retaining success

Everything great or just felt has to start from somewhere.

Why not start with authentic talks and actions that demonstarte your ability to appreciate or recorgnize this value proposition?

Action speaks louder than words

We believe our call to action should serve as a filter so that action will qualify our clients and our results will retain them. If you deserve us and we deserve you then something will move forward.