Meet The Team

Our business consultants and implementation help are featured below.

Gabriel Topma's photo
Gabriel Topman

Leader - Coordinator

  • Billionairementored (1998)
  • E-business Award winner (2006)
  • IM Guru trained (2007)
  • DIY website designer (Part-time)
  • Value-adding reseller

Gabriel helps with business resource investigation and formulates/implement the circumstance-appropriate strategies that emerge.

Serena Organtini

PA and Executive Director

  • Checking and reporting
  • Catering and hospitality

By 2018 Serena achieved everything she seriously wanted (in 2016) with Gabriel's leadership, coaching and cooperation.

Iain Hamilton

B2B Leads Generation Expert

Between 1985 and 2016, Iain worked in telecommunications and served in various roles, including product management, pre-sales activities, marketing, managing deployment and system design.

  • Helps with lead generation
  • Travelled to 20+ countries
Mary Banjo

Technical Support Executive

Recently (2018 to 2021), Mary has worked with Microsoft partners in technical support and software functionally planning and implementation support roles.

Chirag Shah

Certified Coach / Accountant

Chirag was part of many great turnaround stories, particularly felt in the online Learning, ERP and IT Consulting space.

He assisted many start-ups and entrepreneurs with writing a new history and paved the path for their growth.

Onyinye Love Mba

Filming Assistant

Onyinye has a positive can-do attitude with clarity on her competencies. Sensible leaders will have to understand what they want or discover it with Onyinye's freestyle.

Why Us

We believe our call to action should serve as a filter so that action will qualify our clients and our results will retain them. Please feel free to get in touch.