How: trade business owners can earn stable money all year round in the United Kindgdom?

The fact is that I (Gabriel Topman) admire trade professionals for many reasons. The top one is the fact that their diverse skills add up big time in the aesthetic and functional aspects of most things, especially properties.

But the biggest reason is the fact that working with reliable trade professionals is what positioned me for the legit breakthrough I converted into passive income.

Gabriel Topman's old job

My own trade was: Handy, removals man with a van that offered storage and packing.

This educational material validates the trade sector because, for living, I worked with diverse trades and private good transportation services for 12 years.

I was winning between 2008 and 2012, but by 2013, something evil got hold of my business carrier, and everything scientifically sound stopped working and hardly recovered.

But I got past that phase before COVID19 happened and started doing things differently by 2017.

  • I started coaching and consulting on the side.
  • I transformed the experience into consulting to sell
  • Added value and made six figures in one month

Why did I invest in figuring out the business settings/deals that fit my circumstances at that time?

  1. I sincerely felt stuck; I was desperate.
  2. My life was made more difficult by my ex-wife!
  3. My self-worth was any working business that wasn't working at all!!!

So I had to work with the little I had, which was nothing but debt and £30 from helping a fake and unreliable business partner and give my SEO strategy/effort some time to start working.

Earn it.

The video above describes what I do today. And trust me, I am not here because I worked primarily in the trades sector alone. I am here because I tried many businesses alongside and made money on the side.

For anyone that appreciates and wants authentic and quality help for their business. Three benefits/features are listed below with a detailed explanation.

1. Facts impact your results
2. 1st impressions and more
3. Hands-on implementation

My own success Story

In making the man I am becoming, I felt so unlucky because of the people I grew up with. My ex-wife was one of them and a short-nosed friend we had in common. At some point, they found it easier to work against me than with me, and serious problems and battles then forced me to grow stronger, wiser, faster and smarter.

Now I am grateful for those trials because if they destroyed me, I would not be here, and the value that emerged from surviving will not have the same convictions. 

Facts that made me feel qualified by experience and achievements.

"Improved Ilkley Grove appeal by buying and refurbishing troubled houses and standing firm."

Designed SEO conscious websites for his own umbrella companies and associates."

"Influenced parts of Dent street with strategic and appropriate placements/deals."

Accepting myself lead to taking pride in being the strategic, strong, agile and effective energy I am.

I learned from colleagues, books, activities and resource investigation.

"I think and grow richer because boredom is painful and fine things cost money." 

The alternative is not having or earning the choice, freedom, circumstances and reality we prefer/understand/accept.

Accepted clients will get:

  • Mindset management for employees.
  • Asset management and hosting.
  • Forward moving brainstorming sessions.
  • The chance to get paid by us.
  • Hands-on help with settings.
  • Referral to quality service providers/agents.
  • Anything legal and sustainable.
The alternative is blessing people I'm no longer interested in.

Old Me vs New Me

The past me tried to please and bless everyone as my spirit leads but found himself attracting deliberate (win-lose users). So I grew a stubborn streak and got into fights.

Now, Gabriel puts that joy of giving to better use by establishing a productive motive, even if the reasoning is to:

  • Discern accurately and fairly.
  • Demonstrate his facts and substance.
  • Earn the goodwill and trust he deserves.
  • Indulge in being positively felt.
  • Indulge in thanksgiving tactics.
  • Get to choose and build his universe.
Slogan: The problems we had got resolved and made us stronger.

Location, behaviour and mindset conscious decision-makers will appreciate us.

This agency has diverse skills and experience that positive and productive businesses can borrow to move forward.

Consulting/Coaching is the leading service we offer, and here is why our founder Gabriel Topman is doing it.

  • Success qualifies us.
  • A proven map that works.
  • Proven systems that work.
  • Quality results are guaranteed.

Notice: To protect our customers from fraud we will never ask you to pay over the phone or expect you to take action until the end of your first session.

Success Story 1

Coaching leadership worked for senior members of this organisation and the benefits of listening created true happiness and sustainable wealth.

"The first thing Gabriel did for me is offer clarity and allow me to own my decisions."

"Taking the right steps was easy because coaching covers what, why, when and how."

"I take pride in having Gabriel as the strategic, strong, agile and effective force behind me."

More Business Stories

"Barzan gets guaranteed payment and gets paid on time and as quickly as he wants it."

"Samuel discovered the benefits of SEO with £100,000 increase in leads that came through SEO."

"Babs gets paid by standing order whether there is a tenant in his house or not."

"Sami made life-transforming decisions regarding websites and SEO."

"Moses like many others were given the chance to make money and he did".

"Shared understanding of money helped Mr Samson to avoid missing out."

"Paul enjoys the dream of owning a business and knowing how to start strong and small."

"Mr Shino enjoys a web presence when he wouldn't know where to start."

"Bishop Samuel manifested a future-proofed e-business strategy that's working."

100% productive and meaningful, or we will not bother.

The reality is that excellent and highly effective/consistent resources are plugged in to give clients the value-added joys that only work when exclusive.

Gabriel Topman's contribution

Plans and discovers.

Pays with shares & money

Happens nicely / firmly

Controls access

Choose who we role with.

Provides working access.

Future proofed coding.

Robust solutions/deals

Leads with authentic expertise/results

Controls speed, effort, volume & more

Topics treated by Gabriel Topman.

Subscribed clients get to read and listen to Gabriel Topman's perspective on these topics, and then they get a forward-moving 1:1 session.