In your opinion – what does a solid foundation and quality look like in any small business?

  1. Survival depends only on the interest of business owner and the authorities that can shut the business down.
  2. Systems are in place and the owner/manager is aware of good options and will use it when it is practical to do so.
  3. The communication strategy is effective and as directly 1:1 as possible.
  4. Balanced voices like un-easy relationships that are actually helpful and promotes accountability.

Why are you coaching startups?

Most of my failures (learning curves) in business has been linked to the mindsets, attitude and competencies of those that happened to me. So in order to keep moving forward with the vision and the desire to contribute big time, I had to accept the facts in front of me even if they are saying something about me.

  • Coaching helps me to find those who are committed to a goal I can trust!
  • Coaching is one of the proactive things I can control.
  • It allows me to help sensible people to find happiness.
  • It allows me to glorify God with the unique gift of theoretical learning style.

Why is your coaching priced the way it is?

Much weaker offers and potential money drainers are priced around $24k to $36k or more. Some highly effective coaching cost $600 upwards. But our programme aims to move committed people forward to a great start so that follow-up sessions can do wonders for them.

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