Upgrading: Wisdom and emotional intelligence

This page is all about taking ownership of your life and business.

Do you know that saying mind your own business? if the answer is yes and you literally want to get better at living then this page and a support coach like Gabriel Topman will prove to be one of the best resources you can have. Please remember that it is not a complete guide, the complete guide is in our coaching programme where you will be asked to read, listen and act gracefully on what you learn. As we follow up with you and look after each other, we will continue to grow in wisdom and stay safe when idiots impose or make a mess!

Why quality upgrades

Quality assured the information is information Gabriel Topman has personally tested and applied on so many occasions that he can confirm that it works. Now Gabriel is no genius just a curious guy that was determined to learn and improve and his only original attribute is that in the monkey nature of man you can call him that kind, generous type that has a Sun Koku, Naturo Uzumaki and Super Man syndrome!

Experiencing things we don’t want when we have been warned is not a victimized situation it is more like a decision to embrace the consequences of certain behaviour and then complain about the conditional warnings. But let’s face it, there are factors at work that we cannot always control like emotions.

When the desire to move forward and let go of failure and the excuses that are evidently leading to failure and unwanted problems continue to persist without incentives that we want. It is inevitable that boldness, assertiveness, discernment, persistence, perseverance and some types of fights/disputes/war becomes inevitable.

Emotions can be managed with acceptance and understanding.

  • Wars are expensive and very negative so avoidance is not weekness unless the cost of not doing it is too great.
  • Having to take someone we though we knew, liked and trusted to court means they can no longer be trusted.
  • Trusting someone that hasn’t acted in your best/fair interest on more than 2 chances is not stupid.
  • When we are deluded about trust failures can last for years and our best/fair interest can be gently/evasively denied 100 times.
  • The wisdom of the wicked people and those who buy their phylosophy leads to hell on eath for their victims.
  • The actions and patterns we entertain more than 100 times and allow to go unresolved form our culture.
  • Culture is simply the way we do things around here and it is enforced by the accepted key person on influence over it (KPI).
  • Key Person With Influence (KPI) is someone able to set things in a paticular dirrection.
  • When leaders loose their influence not having an exit strategy that elivates them will be the end of them.
  • Great followers under a great leader don’t need an exit strategy but having some emergency/fall back is helpful.

The ten facts derived from life and business experience are some of the priceless gifts of understanding that those who are truly interested in the solid pillars of wisdom (discernment and understanding) must have if they are or was very much like me before I started transforming my life progressively.

I aknowledge the The Bibble Gateway’s Book of Proverbs for being the starting point in the journey of identifying the value of discernment, understanding and tested/verified knowledge.

I also aknowlede the Grace of God for making me into the type of person that naturally valued accurate knowledge and was happy to spend or and call the cost of learning and investment. If I didn’t enjoy investing in people (almost everyone) with different limits, then there would be no joy in being kind enough to be likeable, wanted and understood when the not so easy defences and offences show up.

Gabriel Topman

More facts from experience

Someone that has an open and pure heart (Generally called naive by more sneaky/tactful people) will struggle to understand why someone with a very dark heart pretends to be good for the long term and then manifest a pattern that is clear beyond a reasonable doubt to be hostile, unreasonable or worse.

I was generally considered a naive man, and I was like that until April 2016. Now being naive didn’t mean I wasn’t educated or intelligent. It just meant that I was unable and I still struggle to see the worst in people too quickly and I hope for the better while focussing on the possibilities and good things.

So you know why simple at heart people that do not want those types of mind-boggling negative vibes, would make the effort of allowing many to do the following to them behind them and to their face:

  • Lies to your face in the precence of unqualified or very weak jurry and judges (Gabriel is still learning here).
  • Taking or using things that is yours and has not been given.
  • Play spectator, commentator or jurry and judge (you get to know where they stand)
  • Be silent when response is required: it is either a sign of defeat, lack of substance or known way to buy time.

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